Mobile-based entry for Climbing Gyms in Houston

Discover Allthenticate: a state-of-the-art access control solution for Houston climbing gyms, using smartphone technology to enhance security and member experience.

How your business will benefit from installing Allthenticate:

  • Secure Mobile Access:

    Eliminate barcode sharing and keycard hassles with Allthenticate's secure mobile link, offering 24/7 gym access.

  • Enhanced Membership Management:

    Gain full visibility into membership dynamics, ensuring active memberships and signed waivers before access.

  • Cost-Effective Security:

    Reduce overhead and operational costs with a token-free system that integrates seamlessly with existing management software.

Unified solution utilizing Single Device Authentication to achieve enhanced access control and passwordless authentication for business.

Take full control of your entry system to optimize for bigger savings and customer-friendly experiences.

Modernize your access experience today